Has Weather Made you Locked Out?

The locks that are installed on the outside of homes or offices have to undergo a lot of natural challenges like heat, cold, rain, humidity, etc. The changes in temperature during various seasons of the year do impact the usability of the locks.  It is almost impossible to change your locks frequently. Thus, we at Granite City Locksmith Aberdeenshire bring you some most helpful tips to keep your locks working all through the year:

  1. Cold Weather:

During the extremely cold weather, the Locks get freezed and at times, don’t turn.  Similar problems can occur when the moisture gets entered into the lock. To ensure that this problem doesn’t occur with your locks, you can either make use of a lock de-icer or if that’s not available, a blow dryer. Avoid using any water based products on the locking mechanism as even that will get freeze.

  1. Hot Weather:

Hot weather generally doesn’t affect locks but what turns out to be a major point of concern is the humidity. We all notice the expansion of wooden doors during the humid weather which makes it difficult for them to fit in the door frame. This demands more pressure and efforts every time you open and close the doors. When trying to fit the doors in the door frames, ensure that you are not damaging the deadbolt or the strike plate otherwise there are chances that you get locked out any day.

  1. Wet Weather:

Though the rain or the snow doesn’t pose a great threat to the locks, the moisture definitely does!If the moisture seeps into the locks, the parts can rust over and can get difficult to turn or might stop working at all.

Take proper precaution before extreme weather conditions land you in trouble. As the first step, get in touch with a professional Domestic & Commercial Locksmith and ask him to install only weather proof locks on your doors so that the locks can withstand even the most extreme weather conditions Today, even the keyless locks have their weatherproof versions in the market.

The second step that you can take as a precaution is to hold on a lubricant for your locks. Ensure that you avoid any water product which will make the problem worse.

If no solution works, always have the contact number of a reliable and professional locksmith Aberdeen in your phone who can quick fix any issue arising. A locksmith has the professional expertise to help you in such situations without damaging your doors and door locks.

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