Top 6 Tips on How To Prevent Locksmith Fraud

It might sound scary, but locksmith scams are no new. Some locksmiths target people when they are at their most vulnerable state and need immediate help. These fake or scamming locksmiths try to be legitimate locksmiths in Aberdeen but are actually not even trained properly. Thus, we bring you very useful tips that will help you avoid being a victim of these so-called locksmiths Aberdeen:

1. Hiring A “Local” Is The Key:

If you are looking for a locksmith Aberdeen, it’s always better to hire a locksmith with a local address. Also, ensure that his business is registered with the same address. This is because there are some frauds who project having themselves registered at the local address, but in reality, don’t have any address at all. These are mostly unregistered and untrained. Thus, it is always better to search for a reliable locksmith beforehand so that in case of any urgent needs you don’t land up with any scamming locksmith while looking for an emergency locksmith near you.

2. Check Identification And License:

We understand that being locked out is a panic situation and you would want a locksmith to hop on to work immediately, but please wait. We recommend to always ask the locksmith for his identification and license, if applicable.

3. Beware Of Low Prices:

Cheap is not always better. Understand this fact. Always ask for a quote on the phone before the technician actually visits your place and then ask for a written estimate. Get alert if you find the technician quoting you an unbelievably low price. This can be a red flag, don’t ignore it. Never allow anyone start working on your locks without asking for total expenditure estimate.

4. Ask For Any Hidden Charges:

Enquire about any additional charges, especially in case of emergencies.Though the service charges of a 24hr locksmith Aberdeen called at odd hours can be higher, but enquiring them beforehand will rule out the possibility of any hidden charges that might come up as a surprise later. A scamming locksmith company can even try convincing you to replace the lock. Weigh their suggestion from all angles so as to avoid falling prey to such scam.

5. Avoid Cash Transactions:

All genuine locksmiths Aberdeen give you the option to pay by cash and/or credit. Avoid any cash transactions. If a locksmith insists on paying through cash, there is every chance that they are looking for quick money and are frauds. Ask them for the acceptable mode of payment before they start your work.

6.  Do Not Leave The Locksmiths Unattended During The Work:

We don’t mean to say that you don’t trust the person that has come to help you out, but just keep an eye on what they are doing. All we mean is do not leave him unattended. It can only help you prevent from being trapped in a possible scam you can even imagine of.

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