Tips for replacing the front door lock

In the market there are a lot of variants of locks to choose from when it is time to change the front door lock, one more advanced than the other. Above all, there are three different variants: mechanical, electronic and the really smart locks. 

Maybe it hasn’t been changed in a long time, or someone in the family has lost the keys. It is often in such contexts that it is time to change the locks on the front door. Think about how much you are willing to put out, and how comfortable you want your locking system to be. You can also look for 24hr emergency locksmiths Aberdeen if you can’t replace it yourself.

What does it cost to change locks?

Price variations are large when it comes to locking. This is because the market has evolved and many new technological solutions have made progress. Replacing a mechanical door lock with the help of a locksmith does not have to be very expensive, while smart, more advanced locking systems cost up to $30- just to buy the lock itself or you can hire affordable locksmith Aberdeen for it.

Various door locks on the market

Much has happened in the lock market lately and those who may have stuck out the chin the most are the smart door locks. Although there are electronic and smart door locks, you should not underestimate the mechanical door locks today. They are plentiful, often have multiple functions and the keys are copy protected. If you are not sure what to choose for locks, you can think about one’s habits. Are you at home a lot or a little? How often do you and those you live with each other?

Electronic door locks

Electronic door locks come in a couple of different variants. The most common variant is combined door locks, so-called “electromechanical” door locks. They have a combined mechanical lock with an electronic one. With this lock, you don’t have to think about keys but can have a passport tag, a code, or remote control – much like a car lock. You can install temporary codes to your door that allows a temporary guest to get in without the hassle of having to hand over a key.

Keep in mind that the code should not come to rest. One way to make the electronic door more secure is by changing code regularly.

 Smart door lock

There are also digital locks, also called “smart” locks. There are many benefits of the smart door locks and they are becoming increasingly popular. Many people think that the biggest advantage is that you can alarm on and off at a distance, while others think that the biggest advantage is that you do not have to worry about stealing your keys.

When someone enters through the door, you can also install a note system. Then you get a message to your mobile when someone comes in through the door.

The electronic and smart door locks are powered by batteries. Remember to choose a lock that is adapted to the Aberdeen climate.

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