Intruder Alarms Aberdeen

It is seen that many houses and commercial buildings suffer huge losses every year due to accidental fire, electric short circuit etc. Such buildings did not have any fire or carbon monoxide alarm installed in then that may have warned the inmates of the impending disaster. Such detectors help in preemptive evacuation and gives time to the neighbors to inform fire services and prevent in rapid spreading of the fire to other areas.

Your best preventive measure against fire

Granite City Locksmiths is a leading and best smoke detector Aberdeen company offering smoke alarm services to commercial as well as residential buildings. With thousands of properties across Scotland requiring smoke detectors installed and many needing services regarding correct positioning and proper functioning, we offer professional, reliable and quality services to all our valued customers. Our full time, proficient team of technicians is capable of installing and maintaining carbon monoxide alarms for properties under their management. As a professional smoke alarm maintenance company with more than 10 years of experience in our account, we greatly contribute to the safety and security of the community. All our staffs are highly trained with the ethics and principles of an experienced fire fighter. Our services include:

  • Selection of the right technology
  • Installation of smoke detectors in the right location
  • Testing the smoke alarm
  • Maintenance of the detectors

We are experienced in detecting the best locations for the smoke alarms to be installed; we test each and every button for the best service and make sure that the battery is correctly installed so that the alarm doesn’t fail to sound. Battery powered alarms require proper cleaning by opening the cover and for this our service technicians are always prepared and they ensure that the detector is functioning properly.

A working carbon monoxide alarm sends early warning and gives extra time to escape in case there is a fire. We can help you to install and maintain the right device at affordable rates and offer complete peace of mind.
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