Never Fear When Aberdeen Locksmiths Are Here

Oh no! You mistakenly got locked out of your home, office, or car. What do you do now? The answer is simple! Call our Aberdeen Locksmith 24 Hour hotline! We will remain available there for your help at the right juncture. Our quick response locksmiths are mobile, nationwide, and reach you within half an hour. We receive too many calls from those people who have accidentally locked their keys inside their home or vehicle or whose keys have been lost or stolen.

Emergency Locksmith Services 

We offer the following services as an Aberdeen Emergency Locksmith:

  • Home Lockouts;

  • Car Lockouts;

  • Burglary Repairs;

  • Lost Car Key Replacement;

  • Broken Lock Repairs;

  • Lock Replacements;

  • Lost House Key Replacement;

  • Jammed Ignition Key Extraction.

We are always on standby to help people with their emergency locksmith needs. You can reach us at any point of day or night. We have a great team of qualified and local emergency locksmiths on call. The most relieving aspect is that they get equipped with all the latest tools and technology required to help you sort out your issues. They can quickly help you out with every kind of emergency.

Finding a Locksmith to Trust

Most people only look for a locksmith when they know they will need to fix or repair something. However, when there is an emergency, most people are lost. Hiring an emergency service is always a little more expensive than a regular service. However, if you have a rapport with your Aberdeen Locksmith 24 Hour, you will be at ease. Not only will you know who to call right off the bat, but you might also even get discounts or a reduced cost. Make sure you do proper research ahead of time, so you never have to panic in such a situation.

 Double Glazed Window Lock Repairs

It is vital to have your uPVC windows checked at regular intervals as it could cause draughts and allow valuable heat to escape. It also weakens your home security barriers and puts your family at possible risk of burglary. It could also result in water damage. Keep in mind the three primary reasons why your uPVC window isn’t closing right against the seal:

  • Worn hinges: There is a gap between the sash and the hinge side of the window frame.
  • Loose locks: The lock must get appropriately tightened if you can easily fit a bank card between the sash and the frame when it is closed.
  • Dropped sash: After closing your window as much as possible, if you can see daylight from the top corner above the handle when you move it, your window has dropped.

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 Do You Have a Faulty Door Handle?

The first thing you should do is look at the door handle itself. Is it looser than usual? Maybe it doesn’t need any complicated repairs. You can fix this yourself. Find the ‘barrel’ part of your lock. You can find this where your indent for your key is. Now that you have found it look for the screw that holds the barrel of the lock in place and tighten it. It could be all that you need to pull the loose door handle. Your uPVC door will lock correctly and work again smoothly if you do this correctly.

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However, if it’s something beyond your control, you can call us up. Our locksmiths in Aberdeen are skilled at fixing the gearbox in your uPVC door. The charges will depend on sourcing a new gearbox, hiring an electrician, and paying labour fees. It might get costly, which is why we explained how you might try to fix it yourself first.

If this is too expensive, you might want to consider replacing your current door with a brand-new front or back door. It is mainly if your uPVC door lock mechanism is getting stuck. Perhaps the door is old enough and needs to be replaced. You will find that the newer door has the latest locking mechanism technologies. They perform at high levels. Hence, you are not likely to get locked out of your house any time soon with such advancements.

Moreover, you will be safer from thefts and burglaries. A brand-new door means a brand-new lock. We can help you install the new one or even replace the old one if you wish to do. After 20-30 years, replacing a door is an ideal step.

  How to Fix a Jammed Lock on uPVC Door?

There is no doubt that we can help you with your jammed lock on uPVC door repair Aberdeenshire. If your uPVC door has got jammed shut, we suggest letting experts analyse and fix the issues. Getting involved in something we don’t understand ourselves might result in further damage and unnecessary costs. There are many reasons why your uPVC door might not be opening, including:

  • Old rubber gaskets that may have melted and stuck to the frame;

  • A build-up of dust, grit, or grime on the hinges;

  • Wear and tear on handle spindle.

 Double Glazed Window Lock Repairs

 If you neglect your uPVC door, the following scenarios may occur:

  • Increased noise levels from outside;

  • Condensation between the windowpanes;

  • Damaged, discoloured, or warped frames;

  • High energy bills;

  • Draughty frames;

  • Single glazing;

  • Persistent double glazing lock repairs.

However, we can usually help you quickly fix it. We follow a strict ‘repair before replacement’ policy. However, if you do not maintain your uPVC doors well, they might go beyond repairs and require a replacement.

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